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In an industrial environment, temperature control systems are essential for a number of manufacturing processes. FLEXELEC product ranges meet with the most demanding quality, precision and durability criteria.
  1. Keep process temperatures constant with heating cables in petrochemical

    Keep process temperatures constant with heating cables in petrochemical.

    Keep process temperatures constant, often in extreme conditions on account of the hydrocarbons being transported, or if the environment has been classified as a dangerous zone. The electrical heat tracing has in this case to be ATEX-qualified as explosion-proof, both for the cable and the junction boxes. The equipment traced can be gas or oil pipelines, conduits, tanks, pumps, etc Learn More
  2. Achieve research and manufacture of new products, Heating Element

    Achieve research and manufacture of new products with heating element.

    Prepare optimum conditions in which to develop, produce or administer medicines, prostheses or creams by keeping control of molecule conservation temperature indicators and excipient viscosity. Learn More
  3. Anticondensation Heater for Electric Motor, Flexelec

    Anticondensation heaters for electric motors.

    Prevent short-circuit risks caused by condensation during cooling after using electric motors and occurring when restarting them. The special glass fibre heating tapes are approved for use in ATEX explosive environments. Learn More
  4. Control the Temperature of Adhesives with heating Hoses

    Control the temperature of adhesives with heating hoses.

    Control the temperature of adhesives, especially on flexible moving parts so that viscosity is always ideal without wasting time or materials when starting cycles. For this, hoses pipes are used to combine temperature and pressure constraints throughout the material transfer process. Learn More
  5. Improve casting and drying of plastic and composite materials with Heating Elements

    Improve casting and drying of plastic and composite materials with heating elements.

    Improve casting and drying during operations involving plastic moulding or resin impregnation of composite materials. Heating by means of flexible elements optimizes output rates and also quality by moulding to the complex shapes of the supports used. Learn More
  6. Repairing and manufacturing planes or helicopters blades

    Repairing and manufacturing planes or helicopters blades with heating elements.

    Control the manufacturing process for helicopter blades to check material uniformity by placing silicon heating mats provided with temperature probes during in situ repair or maintenance operations. Learn More
  7. Protect on-board electronics, simulate heat sources with heating elements

    Protect on-board electronics, simulate heat sources with heating elements.

    Protect on-board electronics in ships or planes, simulate heat sources for fine-tuning thermo-guided missiles: for such sensitive applications, customised flexible heating elements are used to attain extreme levels of performance and reliability. Learn More
  8. Heating Tape to keep warm the Food, Temperature Control

    Keep warm the food with heating tape.

    Provide professionals, craftsmen or industrialists with perfectly tempered tools so that they can work with delicate ingredients in ideal conditions. Temperature control is also very important, especially for chocolate, glucose and certain oils which could be damaged by overheating. Learn More
  9. Heat tracing of Tank and Vessel, Heating Element, Flexelec

    Heat tracing of tanks and vessels with heating cables.

    Heat or temper vessels and tanks containing corrosive substances by means of electrical heat tracing using heating cables or tapes that are highly resistant to different types of corrosion Learn More
  10. Heating Resistance for yoghurt maker, refrigerator, towel dryer, footbath

    Heating resistance for yoghurt maker, refrigerator, towel dryer, footbath,...

    Produce a temperature cycle for a yoghurt maker, a towel dryer or, more surprisingly, for a portable footbath. The household electrical sector is a promising one for developing technical solutions using heating cords or cables. Learn More

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