Miscellaneous applications

FLEXELEC’s strength lies in its ability to discover and innovate. Customised manufacturing is often a necessity. Flexible heating elements continue to surprise by the range of new applications made possible, as well as more and more exotic future developments!
  1. Heating Cable for Aquarium, Flexelec

    Heating cables for terrariums and aquariums.

    Reproduce climate conditions identical to those of the original environment of the most fragile fish and reptile species. Heating element provide homogeneity and perfect safety for any type of installation. Learn More
  2. Heating the Slate of the Billiard Table with a Heating Element

    Heating the slate of the billiard table with a heating cable.

    Counter variations in air humidity and temperature differences in the slate, which are detrimental to the speed and trueness of billiard balls for high-level players, by fixing heating elements to the bottom of the frame. This has the additional advantage of making the tables smoother and quieter. Learn More
  3. Keeping Batteries from Freezing using Heating Element

    Keeping batteries from freezing with a heater to extend their lifetime.

    Keeping batteries from freezing, permanently or during programmed cycles is paramount for obtaining a reliable main or emergency electrical supply. This protection with a heating element can significantly extend the lifetime of this equipment. Learn More
  4. Taking Vacuum with Heating Element

    Taking vacuum to its extremes with heating elements.

    Taking vacuum to its extremes requires the use of external means of raising the temperature of equipment using fabrics or tapes that heat the network as continuously as possible. Learn More
  5. Heating Element designed to Speed Up the Drying Process of Wind Generator Blades.

    Speed up the drying process of wind generator blades with heating mats.

    Speed up the drying process for the resin of wind generator blades during manufacture or on-site repairs after damage such as that caused by birds, for example. Silicon Heating mats are especially recommended for the uniform heating they provide. Learn More
  6. Avoid the humidity in tickets distributors systems with Heating  Elements

    Optimize the humidity level in tickets and banknotes distributors systems with heating cords.

    Distributing the right number of banknotes involves checking that condensation doesn’t make them stick together. With this in view, heating cords or flexes keep the storage bay dry. Learn More
  7. Defrosting Satellite Dishes with Heating Element

    Defrosting satellite dishes with heating elements.

    Defrosting satellite dishes is essential to ensure continuous broadcasting on radio, TV or military channels. Cable or fabric heating elements are laid out on the back of the receiver. Learn More
  8. Contribute to manufacture sports equipment materials

    Contribute to manufacture sports equipment materials.

    Sports equipment materials or the uses to which they are put are often a source of very special applications in which the flexible heating element is a real plus for manufacturers and users alike.
    Example: drying amateur or professional ski boots, manufacturing ice hockey sticks. Learn More
  9. Eliminating problems of frost on weather-forecasting equipment with Heating Elements

    Eliminating problems of frost on weather-forecasting equipment with heating elements.

    Eliminating problems of frost on wind and rain gauges and other weather-forecasting equipment is a delicate technical challenge. So as not to influence readings, the heating elements are integrated into spaces or on very special shapes. Learn More
  10. Activate drying, preheat media or ink tanks with heating elements

    Activate drying, preheat media or ink tanks with heating elements.

    Activate drying, preheat media or ink tanks. The printing industry requires flexible heating elements to optimise output and the quality of its publications, often by means of customised resistors designed to fit the dimensions and requirements of each process. Learn More
  11. Supply Drinking Water to Animals with Heating Cable.

    Supply drinking water to animals.

    Supply drinking water to animals, studs and farms, both inside unheated buildings and in fields. Electrical trace heating must be used in conjunction with electrical and mechanical protection to ensure safety for the animals Learn More
  12. Heat up sets with Heating Element, Flexelec

    Heat up sets to 450°C or more with heating elements.

    Bring gas piping, vacuum pumps or baking analysis stands up to 450°C or 900°C, using the properties of glass fibre and silica fibre heating flexes and tapes. Prevent condensation at critical points in particle accelerators. State-of-the-art research laboratories are pushing FLEXELEC innovation to ever more high-performance developments. Learn More
  13. Temperature Maintenance of fluids with heating elements

    Temperature maintenance of fluids with heating element.

    Work on the design of special machines as closely as possible to the desired temperatures, temper the finest and most fragile sensors or acquisition conduits so that they generate as few uncertainties as possible. Heating pipes are used by designers and developers working in these niche markets. Learn More
  14. Force Seedling with a Heating Element

    Force seedlings with a heating cable.

    Force seedlings, or simulate the seasonal climate ahead of time to improve management of flower and vegetable production cycles, by inserting a network of heating elements in the ground to deliver heat as close as possible to the plants. Learn More

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