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  1. Heating Cable for Roof, Gutter, Frost Protection, Flexelec

    Roof & gutter frost protection

    The severe winter in Ushuaia requires the housing industry to protect roofs and gutters against the damage that the heavy snow falls and extreme temperature inflict. This industry has found the solution: FLEXELEC heating elements.
    The typical architecture in this area is usually composed of dormer windows located on various facades.
    This design leaves space for large amount of snow accumulation which can result in heavy and sudden deposits on pavements. This often results in infiltration of water/ice in the structure of the building and in some cases can cause physical harm to pedestrians. Learn More
  2. New website : you are the focus of our attention.

    New website : you are the focus of our attention.

    FLEXELEC is proud to present its new website Learn More
  3. Heating Element in the Nuclear Industry, Flexelec

    FLEXELEC won an important market in the Spanish nuclear industry.

    FLEXELEC has been chosen for the renewal of Vandellos nuclear power plant heating cable network. It’s the first market opening since the construction in 1972. Vandellos nuclear plant has a 1000 MW electric capacity. Based in Catalonia, south of Barcelona, the nuclear plant has initiated since 2005 an ambitious technical improvement plan. Learn More
  4. FLEXELEC at the Olympics Game.

    FLEXELEC at the Olympics Game.

    In May 2008 FLEXTRACE® heating cable was installed in the cooling towers of Qingdao Olympic Sailing Competition Headquarters; to be ready for use in the China’s inaugural Olympic 2008. In June this year, the Joint Management Unit of Acceptance committee, had expressed great satisfaction with the efficiency of the heating effect and accuracy of the temperature control.
    Learn More
  5. FLEXELEC has won an important market in the Spanish building industry.

    FLEXELEC has won an important market in the Spanish building industry.

    FLEXTRACE® heating cable will protect the several thousand m² roof of the new prestigious Zaragoza exhibition center, close to the Pyrenees mountains, where the famous 2008 World Water Fair have take place. Learn More
  6. Heating Elements for the Renovation of Old Buildings

    FLEXELEC in the heart of the City of London … or in the countryside.

    In the famous financial district of London, FLEXTRACE heating cables have been used as part of the refurbishment of the Gibson Hall, a prestigious building which is dedicated to conferences and lavish receptions; also in the construction of the imposing building, Broadgate West. Learn More
  7. Prevent ice forming on Heat Pump with Heating Element

    FLEXELEC FLEXDRAIN CSC2K supplies all the well-known brands of heat pumps.

    The heater FLEXDRAIN CSC2K, designed two years ago, has already proved to be a big success, principally due to its introduction at the time of record growth in the heating pump market.
    The heater FLEXDRAIN CSC2K is a drain-line heater with integrated thermostat. It is designed to be placed at the bottom of collector trays inside heating pumps to prevent freezing and allow condensate water to flow freely.

    Learn More
  8. Heating Element in Harbour Industry, Flexelec

    Winter : the harbours of the Baltic sea

    In Scandinavia, the marine merchant activity is very extensive, and it is important to ensure that the logistics do not fail because of low temperatures in winter. This winter, FLEXELEC manufactured and supplied heating elements to frost protect the ball/joints and the hydraulic system of the loading cranes in the Danish harbours.
    FLEXELEC and its Danish partners have designed and adapted the installation of trace heating systems to the huge mobile cranes. Learn More
  9. Ensure efficient Waste Water Epuration, Flexelec

    Ensure efficient waste water epuration.

    Waste water treatment contains a stage of decantation in large circular pools called Clarifiers.
    For many years, FLEXELEC heating cables have been installed to ensure the functional continuity of the waste waters in winter. The pools are equipped with an agitator which is a rotating arm between the centre and the periphery of the pool.
    In winter, snow or ice builds up on the surface of the platform where the movement is given by a motored wheel.
    Therefore the contact between wheel and concrete is not ensured and the process stops. Learn More
  10. Heating Cable into concrete Slab, Flexelec

    Cold room door threshold heating system.

    Threshold heating system for cold room doors in a logistics centre of frozen food plant in Buenos Aires - Argentina. Learn More
  11. Evacuation of Waste Water with Heating Elements

    Sewage system frost protection

    When dwellings are located below the level of sewage systems, the use of pumping stations is necessary.
    For pumping stations, to allow the waste water to be evacuated all year round, measures must be taken to protect against winter temperatures.
    Due to the effect of the pump’s backwater valve, the water column to be expelled will remain full and if this part of the system is not buried deep enough, a high risk of freezing occurs which could create a backflow or even a flood. Learn More
  12. Industrial Heating Element, Trace Heating, Flexelec

    Maintaining the viscosity at the required level to allow for a highly productive process in winter

    Trace heating refurbishment of the main national lubricant manufacturer, located close to Valparaiso. Learn More
  13. Award for the OMERIN group !!

    Award for the OMERIN group !!

    The OMERIN group received the International Business Award et the Entrepreneur of the year 2007. Learn More

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