Hygrothermostat - FX/CDM1 A.

The FX/CDM1 A hygrothermostat permanently checks for the presence of snow or black ice in gutters or access ramps.
The heating elements are powered according to the outside temperature and the presence of humidity.
The energy required is calculated by an interval timer switch.

 Electronic hygrothermostat regulator alone: FX/CDM1 A
• Power supply: 230 V.
• Current rating: 6 A.
• Fits to DIN rail.• Dimensions: 85 x 53 x 65 mm (3 modules).


Informations on the sensors and options :

The hygrothermostat needs to works : 1 external temperature sensor and 1 humidity sensor (for gutter or for ramp acces)

External temperature sensor FX/CDM/SENSOR
• Type : CTN 1000 Ohms at 25°C.
• Dimensions : Box 50 x 50 x 35 mm.
• Power supply : By standard 2 conductor cable, (not supplied)from the electronic box to the sensor terminals (50 m maximum).

External humidity sensors, you choose either :
FX/CDM/SONDENEIGE: Box60 x 15 x 15 mm+ 2 150 mm electrodes in the extension. This humidity sensor is for the gutter application.
FX/CDM/SONDEPARKING: dimensions 60 x 60 x 35 mm. This humidity sensor is for the access ramp application.
These sensors have the followings technical data's :
• Capacitive type.
• Power supply: by 4 conductor cable from the electronic box to the sensor (5 m long, can be extended up to 50 m).
• Heating: When it freezes, the sensor is automatically heated to melt the snow on the electrodes.

• IP 54 box (195 x 115 x 110 mm) for hygrothermostat.



• Self-regulating heating cables - FST - FST/T - FST/I - FST/TP - FST/TF

• Constant power heating cables for gutters - FTC.

• Underfloor heating cables - KY - KYCY

• Series cables for underfloor heating - KYCYR

• Series heating cables for roads or access ramps - KYX

• Stop snow and ice in gutters with heating cables.

• Optional box for thermostat, hygrothermostat and power modulator - FX/BOITIER.

• External temperature sensor for hygrothermostat - FX/CDM/SONDE.

• External humidity sensor for gutter - FX/CDM/SONDENEIGE.

• External humidity sensor for ramp - FX/CDM/SONDEPARKING.

• Avoid ice on roads or tracks with heating cables.

• Keep accesses free of ice with heating cables.