Optional external timer - FX/HOR.

This external timer will work in association with the power moulator FX/DC1P on the hotwater networks pipes.

The timer FX/HOR is adjustable and could set up the time period when the heating element will switch on.
It is hightly recommended to use it with the power modulator FX/DC1P.  

• Weekly programme 
• Vertical analogue face
• Programming in 2 h segments 
• Power reserve 100 h
• Output: 16 A rated contact 
• Dimensions: 1 x 17.5 mm module


• Self-regulating heating cables for hot water - FSH/TP

• Optional box for thermostat, hygrothermostat and power modulator - FX/BOITIER.

• Power modulators - FX/DC1P.

• Keep warm the hot water with heating cable.ffant.