Pipe bracket for thermostat or junction box - FX/PBY

Pipe bracket with bending strip and screws for FLEXKIT FX/AT2 and FX/JB

This component is very easy to fit on the pipe with the metallic bending strip.The pipe bracket could be used with our electrical junction box FX/JB as well as our thermostat FX/AT2. 

Flexelec provides a complete range of accessories for the heating element systems. The installation of the heater cables requires junction box, adhesive tape, connection kits, heat tracing warning labels and fitting accessories. These accessories are essential to be sure that your heating system will work in optimum conditions.




• Junction box for the connection or derivation of standard heating cables - FX/JB

• Mechanical system thermostats for heating cables - FX/AT2 - FX/AT - FX/ST.