Signposting self-adhesive label for heat tracing - FX/ETIQ.

Adhesive labels « ELECTRICAL HEAT TRACING » to be use for any heat tracing application.

The label must be placed every 3 or 5 m on external visible surface of the surface equiped with heating element. This is a safety issue to avoid any people injury on the heat tracing installation.

Flexelec provides a complete range of accessories for the heating cable systems. The installation of the heater cables requires junction box, adhesive tape, connection kits, heat tracing warning labels and fitting accessories. These accessories are essentials to be sure that your heating system will work in optimum conditions.


• PVC insulated heating tapes - RP - RP/T - RP/I

• Silicon insulated heating tapes - RS - RS/T - RS/I

• Ready-to-use heating cables - STOPGEL - ANTIFREEZE

• Self-regulating heating cables for refrigeration - FSG - FSG/T - FSG/TP - FSG/TF

• Self-regulating heating cables for hot water - FSH/TP

• Self-regulating heating cables - FST - FST/T - FST/I - FST/TP - FST/TF

• Self-regulating heating cables for high temperature - FSX - FSX/T - FSX/I - FSX/TF

• PVC insulated constant power heating cables for refrigeration - FTP0 - FTP0/T

• Silicon insulated constant power heating cables - FTSH - FTSH/T - FTSH/I - FTSH/TF

• Silicon insulated constant power heating cables for refrigeration - FTS0 - FTS0/T

• Fluoropolymer insulated constant power heating cables - FTTH - FTTH/T - FTTH/I - FTTH/TF.

• XLPE cross linked polyethylene insulated constant power heating cables - FTX

• Long line heating cables and tapes - C1FS/I - C2FS/I - R3FS/I

• ATEX fluoropolymer insulated constant power heating cables - ZFE/CGE/ATEX - ZFA/CGA/ATEX.

• Protect fluids against ice on refrigerated systems with heating cables.

• Water freeze protection with heating cables.

• Keep warm the hot water with heating cable.ffant.

• Freeze protection of tunnel equipments with heating cables.

• Freeze protection of the safety fire systems with heating cables.

• Temperature maintenance of bitumens with heater cables.

• Protect pipes and tanks from low temperature with heating mats.