Stop snow and ice in gutters with heating cables.

Stop snow and ice from building up in gutters, roof valleys, drainpipes or roofs by using heating cables. If these drainage systems are out of action, water could overflow and damage facades. Similarly, icicles that have formed along roof edges can be dangerous for passers-by, and snow building up on roofs with a small gradient can weaken the structure of the building.

How to stop snow and ice in gutters with heating elements : discover the installation in vidéo ! 

The heating elements are used on freeze protection of pipes on garage, car parks, gardens ,tunnels, channels, fire hydrants, gutters, roofs.
The heat produce by the heater tape will maintain the temperature of the water higher then the freezing point. 

Please see below to download example applications of our heating cables, heating tapes, heating mats, heating cords and other flexible heating elements.


• Self-regulating heating cables - FST - FST/T - FST/I - FST/TP - FST/TF

• Constant power heating cables for gutters - FTC.

• Underfloor heating cables - KY - KYCY

• Series cables for underfloor heating - KYCYR

• Junction box for the connection or derivation of standard heating cables - FX/JB

• Tube of silicon sealand - SILT25 - SILT100.

• Aluminium adhesive tape for heating cable - FTAL.

• Hook to hold in place heating cables in gutter - FX/CRT.

• Hygrothermostat - FX/CDM1 A.

• External temperature sensor for hygrothermostat - FX/CDM/SONDE.

• External humidity sensor for gutter - FX/CDM/SONDENEIGE.