Control the temperature of adhesives with heating hoses.

Control the temperature of adhesives, especially on flexible moving parts so that viscosity is always ideal without wasting time or materials when starting cycles. For this, hoses pipes are used to combine temperature and pressure constraints throughout the material transfer process.

The constant power heating cable or self limiting tape are used for trace heating of pipes, tanks and vessels. The heaters will maintain the temperature of container. 

Please see below to download example applications of our heating cables, heating tapes, heating mats, heating cords and other flexible heating elements.


• Silicon heating cords - C1S - C1S/T - C1S/I

• Fluoropolymer Insulated Heating Cord, C1F - C1F/T - C1F/I

• Silicon insulated heating cables - CS2 - CS2/T - CS2/TWW

• Flexible heated hoses - TUY.