Contribute to manufacture sports equipment materials.

Sports equipment materials or the uses to which they are put are often a source of very special applications in which the flexible heating element is a real plus for manufacturers and users alike.
Example: drying amateur or professional ski boots, manufacturing ice hockey sticks.

Heater cable, heater tape and flexible heating mats could be designed on request. The list of applications are various : printing industry, weather forecasting, sport equipment, aerials. The extrem flexibility of Flexelec heating elements provides solutions on various of miscellaneous applications. 


Please see below to download example applications of our heating cables, heating tapes, heating mats, heating cords and other flexible heating elements.


• Terminated silicon insulated heating cables - CS1

• Silicon insulated heating cables - CS2 - CS2/T - CS2/TWW

• Ready-to-use heating cables - STOPGEL - ANTIFREEZE

• Self-regulating heating cables - FST - FST/T - FST/I - FST/TP - FST/TF

• Silicon heater mats - T - TA - TV

• PVC insulated constant power heating cables - FTP - FTP/T - FTP/I - FTP/TP.