Supply drinking water to animals.

Supply drinking water to animals, studs and farms, both inside unheated buildings and in fields. Electrical trace heating must be used in conjunction with electrical and mechanical protection to ensure safety for the animals

Heating cable, heating tape and flexible heating element could solve lots of problems. The list of applications are various : aquariums, terrariums, laboratories, drinking throughs. Flexible heating element offers solutions on lots of miscellaneous applications. 


Please see below to download example applications of our heating cables, heating tapes, heating mats, heating cords and other flexible heating elements.


• Silicon insulated drain-line heater cables single insulation - CSC - CSC/T - CSC/I

• PVC insulated heating tapes - RP - RP/T - RP/I

• Silicon insulated heating tapes - RS - RS/T - RS/I

• Ready-to-use heating cables - STOPGEL - ANTIFREEZE

• Self-regulating heating cables - FST - FST/T - FST/I - FST/TP - FST/TF

• Silicon insulated constant power heating cables - FTSH - FTSH/T - FTSH/I - FTSH/TF

• PVC insulated constant power heating cables - FTP - FTP/T - FTP/I - FTP/TP.