Drum heaters - FLEXDRUM®

The right drum heater can make all the difference between a project that works, and one that does not. Flexelec's reputation has been built on more than 25 years of providing exceptional products and customer service. Whether you need a jacket drum heater (to heat materials such as bitumen, tar, grease, paint, varnish or wax) or a base drum heater, (to heat the contents of 200 litre capacity plastic or metal drums gradually) Flexelec offers the finest products based on our continued commitment to advancement and refinement. Flexelec also offers a number of solutions that are designed to meet the needs of those requiring long heating times, or those needing to maintain a medium temperature on drums.Our commitment to customer service ensures that our customers are assisted by highly trained staff throughout every stage of the project. Whether you need to heat materials like tar for road work, or reduce the viscosity of oil for transfer, Flexelec has the drum heaters to meet your project’s specific requirements