Heating tape PVC and silicon insulation - FLEXTAPE®

Flexelec offers a broad range of flexible solutions for your heat tape needs. Our knowledgeable staff can ensure that you find the right heat tape to meet both your budget as well as any technical requirements for your particular project. Regardless of your application or project needs, Flexelec has the solution for you. Founded in 1982, with more than 25 years experience in the business, Flexelec is well known across the industry for its commitment to customer service and support. Flexelec's own production facility ensures that all components designed and manufactured are of the highest quality and reflect the most current knowledge and technologies. Heat tape can be an integral component for many projects; including anything from preventative measures against freezing pipes to laboratory heating sources that require exceptional power ratings. Let the experts at Flexelec put their knowledge to work on your project and reap the rewards of our many years of refinement and development of our products.