Selflimiting tape heating cables - FLEXTRACE®

Whatever your projects are in electrical trace heating, Flexelec can provide the right heating cable to meet your temperature maintenance needs. Since 1982, Flexelec has been serving various industries ranging from refrigeration, building and transport to petrochemical and aeronautical clients. Flexelec is renowned for its own production facility, which ensures production standards of the highest quality. Whether you need a heating cable for commercial refrigeration or a heating element for hot water, Flexelec stands behind all of their products with a commitment to superior customer service. Having confidence in vital components such as self-regulating heating cables ensures peace of mind when it comes to your particular project, application or industry. A proper heating cable can help to ensure that your heating element is performing in the manner it should, ensuring efficiency and reducing waste. Whether you are looking to protect against frost or you need to ensure cables are protected against corrosive elements, trust Flexelec.