Fibre glass insulated heating cables - CV/I

Fibre glass insulated CV/I heating cables are mainly for use in laboratories and in industrial applications when it is required to heat quickly to a high temperature. These cables are very flexible but as they are not sealed they can be used only in a dry atmosphere, and in compliance with the electrical protection instructions in force.
To ensure that these heating elements enjoy a long service life, we recommend using a control device.

• Highly flexible.
• High power: 125 W/m.
• High temperature, up to 450°C.
• Not protected against humidity.
• Minimum bend greater than 10 mm.
• Power cable: standard length 500 mm.
• CV/I : fibre glass insulated heating elements with stainless steel braid and earthing conductor.




• Fibre glass insulation heating tapes - RV/I

• Silica fibre insulated heating tapes - RVR

• Heat up sets to 450°C or more with heating elements.

• Taking vacuum to its extremes with heating elements.