Fluoropolymer Insulated Heating Cord, C1F - C1F/T - C1F/I

C1F, C1F/T and C1F/I heating cords are mainly used in corrosive environments, or in machines requiring protection against freezing or temperature maintenance.
To ensure that these heating cables elements enjoy a long service life, we recommend using a control device

• UL Recognized cord on request.
• C1F : fluoropolymer insulated cord.
• C1F/T : fluoropolymer insulated cord with tinned copper braid for mechanical protection and earthing.
• C1F/I : fluoropolymer insulated cord with stainless steel braid for mechanical protection and earthing.

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• Heating resistance for yoghurt maker, refrigerator, towel dryer, footbath,...

• Aluminium adhesive tape for heating cable - FTAL.

• Improve casting and drying of plastic and composite materials with heating elements.

• Optimize the humidity level in tickets and banknotes distributors systems with heating cords.