Series heating cables for roads or access ramps - KYX

KYX heating cables are used for heating floors, roads or access ramps.
They are specially designed to be laid in asphalt.
Heating cables must be set in roads in accordance with local regulations.
To ensure that these heating elements enjoy a long service life, we recommend using a control device.

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• Hard-wearing and flexible.
• Mechanical protection and earthing.
• Will withstand at the temperature at which asphalt is laid.
• Series resistance: 0.058 at 1 Ω /m.
• Silicon elastomer insulation, with copper braided shielding and an outer XLPE cross linked polyethylene sheath.



• Underfloor heating cables - KY - KYCY

• Series cables for underfloor heating - KYCYR

• Junction box for the connection or derivation of standard heating cables - FX/JB

• Floor metal fixing strip for heating cable - KYCY/FIXATION.

• Electronic thermostats for heating elements - FX/TM1.

• Hygrothermostat - FX/CDM1 A.

• Avoid ice on roads or tracks with heating cables.

• Keep accesses free of ice with heating cables.