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Flexible heating cables and elements

FLEXELEC The specialist in design and production of heating tracing systems for all kinds of temperature maintenance and defrost solutions
Electrical trace heating

Solutions for business segment

Our expertise and technical know-how in flexible heating cables and elements for applications and equipments where protection against freezing or temperature maintenance is necessary. The refrigeration, building, transport, petrochemical and aeronautical industries are just some of the sectors to benefit from our know-how.


Refrigeration, Air conditioning system


Building, Construction


Industry, Petrochemical, Medical


Transport, Underground, Train switches


Miscellaneous applications

Temperature maintenance systems and defreezing

Focus on products

Learn about the latest technological innovations developed by the Research and Development laboratories of FLEXELEC. From design stage to the production of prototypes, we help you finding the best solutions from both the technical and economic standpoints. Our ranges of constant wattage heating cables, self-regulating heating cables, series heating cables, aluminium mats or silicone mats and other flexible heating connections are suitable for many applications.


Long line electrical tracing solution

Designed to ensure constant temperatures or frost protection for pipelines up to 4,000 kms

Solutions for Railway Infrastructures Freeze Protection

Heating cables for the freezing of metro infrastructures, switchers, power rails, guide bar, 3rd rail, concrete and metal running tracks

Ready to use heating cables for protecting metal piping against freezing

The heater cable will switch on at +5°C to avoid any risk to freeze the water inside the pipe. This is the easiest way to prevent the freezing of the water