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Miscellaneous applications

Flexible heating cables and elements for your specific needs
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Our heating solutions

FLEXELEC’s strength lies in its ability to discover and innovate. Customised manufacturing is often a necessity. Flexible heating cables and elements (heater cables, heating tapes, heater mats, heating plates...) continue to surprise by the range of new applications made possible, as well as more and more exotic future developments! Examples of specific applications (more details via the links below): aquariums and terrariums, special machines and instrumentation, laboratories, drinking throughs, printing industry, weather forecasting, sports equipment, aerials, cash dispensers, wind generators, vacuum pumps, batteries, billiard tables, horticulture... Don't hesitate to contact us for other specific applications.

For more information please download our dedicated brochure for miscellaneous applications, you will find many application examples of our heating cables, heating tapes, heating mats, heating cords and other flexible heating elements.

The strength of FLEXELEC lies in its ability to innovate

Main applications of our heating cables and elements


Heating the slate of the billiard table with a heating cable.


Keeping batteries from freezing with a heater to extend their lifetime.


Defrosting satellite dishes with heating elements.


Taking vacuum to its extremes with heating elements.


Heat up sets to 450°C or more with heating elements.


Optimize the humidity level in tickets and banknotes distributors systems with heating cords


Contribute to manufacture sports equipment materials.


Eliminating problems of frost on weather-forecasting equipment with heating elements.

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