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Refrigeration, air conditioning system

Flexible heating cables and elements for your specific needs !
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Our heating solutions

Flexible heating cables and elements are used for many applications in the refrigeration industry, which is a major area of innovation and development for FLEXELEC products. These heating cables and elements are always essential for the equipment to function properly, whether they are fitted in cold rooms, refrigerated vehicles or in supermarkets. Examples of specific applications: windows, display cabinets and wine storage, cold room doors, evaporators, cold room floors, refrigerating compressor, refrigerating units and air conditioning, heat pumps... Don't hesitate to contact us for other specific applications.

For more information please download our dedicated brochure for refrigeration and air conditioning system, you will find many application examples of our heating cables, heating tapes, heating mats, heating cords and other flexible heating elements.

for refrigerating equipments and cold rooms

Main applications of our heating cables and elements


Prevent seals from sticking for refrigeration equipment with heating cable.


Allow water from defrost cycles to flow using heating cables.


Prevent ice from forming of the drain pan and allow water from defrost cycles to flow with drain-line heater cables.


Maintain the temperature of concrete sub-bases with heating cables.


Prevent ice from forming on the floor with a heating cable.


Protect fluids against ice on refrigerated systems with heating cables.


Heat seals of doors in coldroom with heater cables.


Separate the coolant from oil in a compressor with a crankcase heater.

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