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Flexible heating cables and elements for your specific needs
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Our heating solutions

In an industrial environment, temperature control systems are essential for a number of manufacturing processes. FLEXELEC product ranges meet with the most demanding quality, precision and durability criteria. Discover all our flexible heating cables and elements (heater cables, heating tapes, heater mats, heating plates...) for diverse industries: petrochemical, chemical, agro-food, military, aeronautical, plastics and composite materials, household electrical, medical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics. Don't hesitate to contact us for other specific applications.

For more information please download our dedicated brochure for the industry, you will find many application examples of our heating cables, heating tapes, heating mats, heating cords and other flexible heating elements.

for petrochemical, agro-food, medical and other industries

Main applications of our heating cables and elements


Keep process temperatures constant with heating cables in petrochemical.


Achieve research and manufacture of new products with heating element.


Anticondensation heaters for electric motors.


Control the temperature of adhesives with heating cords and elements.


Improve casting and drying of plastic and composite materials with heating elements.


Protect on-board electronics, simulate heat sources with heating elements.


Keep warm the food with heating tape.


Frost protection for long pipelines up to 4,000 meters

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