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Frost protection for long pipelines, metal / non-metal ducts

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Long line electrical tracing solution

FLEXTRACE® SR series heating cables are designed to ensure constant temperatures or frost protection for pipelines, metal / non-metal ducts or circuit lengths that exceed the ratings of constant wattage heating cables. The FLEXTRACE® SR technology enables electric heat tracing for circuit lengths up to 4,000 m with a single power supply point. The FLEXTRACE® SR system and related connection kits FLEXKIT® SR POWER, FLEXKIT® SR JUNCTION and FLEXKIT® SR END are UL / CSA certified

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Products for this application


Serial heating cables


Connection kit for heating cables FLEXTRACE® SR

The solution for constant pipeline temperature or frost protection

Benefits of the solution FLEXTRACE® SR

N°1 Efficient

  • Our technology enables electric heat tracing for circuit lengths up to 4,000 m using a single power supply point.
  • It adapts to the specific configuration of your project, to the wattage and temperature required.
  • Our engineers will conduct custom analysis of your project using thermal and electrical simulation tools

N°2 Reliable

  • Our cable is extruded with a fluoro-polymer insulation which guarantees the integrity of the cable against chemical agents and external environmental conditions (weather).
  • It was developed using high-temperature coefficient materials which naturally protect the equipment against short-term power surges.

N°3 Economical

  • Our cable is built using conductors that prevent voltage drops and do not cause a high inrush current when switched on. The design rating of the power supply cabinet is therefore considerably reduced.
  • Our solution features three FLEXKIT® SR connection kits for fast and easy installation, generating extensive time savings in installation.
  • The three FLEXKIT® SR connection kits are available in two different sizes, specially designed to meet all your long-length pipeline configurations, and make stock management very simple.
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