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Flexible heating cables and elements for your specific needs
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Our heating solutions

People working in the building and public works sectors have to handle a great many situations in which it is essential to maintain constant temperatures. Flexible heating cables and elements are needed for this, either during building work or afterwards when the buildings are being used. Examples of applications (more details via the links below) : cold water supply, hot water supply, tunnels and pits, fire networks and safety showers, roads and circuits, helisations, gutters and roofing, inside / outside flooring, access ramps, stadiums, skating rinks... don't hesitate to contact us for other specific applications.

For more information please download our dedicated brochure for the building industry, you will find many application examples of our heating cables, heating tapes, heating mats, heating cords and other flexible heating elements.

for water supply, gutters, roads and other construction

Main applications of our heating cables and elements


Water freeze protection with heating cables.


Freeze protection of tunnel equipments with heating cables.


Freeze protection of the safety fire systems with heating cables.


Avoid ice on roads or tracks with heating cables.


Temperature maintenance of bitumens with heater cables.


Heating of landing areas or walkways with heating cables.


Stop snow and ice in gutters with heating cables.


Floor heating with heating cable.

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