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Eliminating problems of frost on weather-forecasting equipment

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Heating elements for miscellaneous applications

Eliminating problems of frost on wind and rain gauges and other weather-forecasting equipment is a delicate technical challenge. So as not to influence readings, the heating elements are integrated into spaces or on very special shapes. Please see below to find more information about our dedicated heating products for this application: silicon heater mat FLEXMAT®.

Flexible heating elements are used to maintain temperature, for freeze protection, avoid humidity and keep warm specifics products. The list of applications are various : cash dispensers, wind generator, vacuum pumps, batteries, billard tables, horticulture. FLEXELEC could help you to design heating elements solutions on various applications. Don't hesitate to download "the application guide" to find example applications of our heating cables, heating tapes, heating mats, heating cords and other flexible heating elements.

FLEXELEC Expert manufacturer of flexible heating cables and elements for all kinds of temperature maintenance.


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