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Driver’s hands and feet need to be kept comfortably warm with heating mats

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Flexible heating mats for rolling stock

The driver’s hands and feet need to be kept comfortably warm in and around his immediate environment. Heating mats placed on the floor and on the dashboard provide close-up warmth to counter the fact that ambient heating in the locomotive is not enough in the harsh climate of many countries. Flexible heating element could solve problems on the railway switches, metros and trains. Lots of vehicules and rail have problems during winter time or in countries with low temperature.

Please see below to find more information about our heating products for this application: FLEXMAT® silicone and aluminium heater mats. You can also download our brochure dedicated to the railway industry, you will find the main example applications of our trace heating cables, heating tapes, heating mats, heating cords and other flexible heating elements.

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Silicon heater mats


Aluminium heater Mat

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