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Ice or Frost on the Third Rail or 3rd Rail with heating cable

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Heating cables for railway infrastructures

The installation of heating cables prevent ice or frost from forming on the third rail (pick-up rail) which drives the power car. Poor contact can lead to unscheduled stops and safety problems. FLEXELEC has developed a complete range of heating cables and fitting systems especially for heating metro tracks. The cables are customised for each project. They can be powered at 750V, which makes for very long circuits. Operating conditions are very severe and require maximum flexibility. The solution chosen must be precisely tailored to meet with this need...

Please see below to find more information about our heating products for this application: FLEXTRACE® serial heating cable (for circuits longer than 400 m) and constant wattage heating cable (for circuits shorter than 200 m). You can also download our brochure dedicated to the railway industry, you will find the main example applications of our trace heating cables, heating tapes, heating mats, heating cords and other flexible heating elements.

FLEXELEC Expert manufacturer of flexible heating cables and elements for all kinds of temperature maintenance.

FLEXTRACE® The solution for railway infrasctrutures freeze protection

Products for this application


C1FS/I - C2FS/I - C3FS/I - C4FS/I
Long line heating cables for rails, tracks and third rails


High power constant power heating cables

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