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Make sure that tires adhere properly with heating cables

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Trace heating cables for metros, railway infrastructures

Make sure that tires adhere properly to tracks, especially on overhead sections. Flexible heating element could solve problems on the railway switches, metros and trains. Lots of vehicules and rail have problems during winter time or in countries with low temperature. For over 20 years, FLEXELEC has been designing, supplying and fitting systems for number of transport networks in France and abroad.

Please see below to find more information about our heating products for this application: FLEXTRACE® serial heating cable (for longline heating systems) and constant wattage heating cable. You can also download our brochure dedicated to the railway industry, you will find the main example applications of our trace heating cables, heating tapes, heating mats, heating cords and other flexible heating elements.

FLEXELEC Expert manufacturer of flexible heating cables and elements for all kinds of temperature maintenance.


Products for this application


High power constant power heating cables


C1FS/I - C2FS/I - C3FS/I - C4FS/I
Long line heating cables for rails, tracks and third rails

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